hi, i'm lexus drumgold

i'm a sophomore computer science major.

i'm also a designer.

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about me

My name’s Lexus Drumgold, but most people call me Lex. I’m a sophomore computer science major at the University of Maryland. Besides being a college student, I’m also a self taught web designer. In 2012, I began teaching myself. I’m well versed in HTML and CSS and have a working knowledge of Javascript. I also have experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. I also started freelancing in 2017.

Below you can find several web, ui, branding, and print projects I’ve worked on.

Web Design By Lex | Resume

my work

Sitters v2

June 2017

Category: Web Design

Tools Used: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Sass, JQuery

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